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Blue Water Optimum Speed Services
Economic Speed is a Myth

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BOSS is always demanding:
  •  Voyage Estimates  at your finger tips
  •  Maximum TCE
  •  Close  Monitoring  of the voyage
  •  Timely Arrival of the vessel
  •  Quick informed  Decisions
  •  Cut throat  Negotiations
  •  Contribution towards  Greener planet
  •  Best  Customer Relations……….

The list is Long.. !!!

can be your    companion    to manage the long list.
BOSS is not just a speed optimization tool...
  • is a unique web service that lets you   compare voyage earnings/TCE     in different scenarios at unprecedented accuracy.

  • provides a personal dashboard to all the stakeholders(Owner, Charterer, Receiver, Broker) to collectively decide the most appropriate voyage plan.

BOSS offers most        accurate vessel specific voyage simulation
  • Marine hydrodynamic relations between Speed, FOC, RPM, weather are fitted to vessel specific voyage abstracts.
  • The voyage is simulated on the planned voyage route based on six hourly weather update.


BOSS optimizes the speed schedule like never before!
  • Dynamic programming algorithms are used to work out the most optimum speed schedule accounting for the weather forecast.
  • Different optimum schedules are planned for maximizing Voyage Earnings and TCE.


BOSS is one of its kind    Negotiation Tool    for voyage fixture
  • It offers a    comparison    screen which can be viewed by all stake holders to analyse and fix the most suitable voyage plan.
  • User can perform 'what if?' simulations and interact with other parties through instant messaging system offered in BOSS.


BOSS never stops working for you. It   monitors  the voyages as well..
  • It provides      monitoring dashboards        through secured login where the actual voyage can be analyzed and compared against the planned voyage.
  • BOSS performs   plan updation     with latest forecasted weather every fifth day. Rerouting is accounted for, as advised by the vessel.
  •       Fuel Management System
  • BOSS analysts keep a close watch on the voyage performance indicators and advise vessel, as required.


Ship  Performance  Monitoring & Trending Tool
  • Data Logging and analysis of ship and fleet data
  • Performance curves -      RPM vs Speed         against Adverse/Favorable weather
  • NM/MT is used as criteria for evaluating vessel performance.
  •     Visual representation of     RPM, Speed, and Fuel Consumption
  • Assists in forecasting vessels dry dock, hull cleaning and propeller polishing dates


  ACE ( Analysis of Crude Data Extractor)    
  • Generate customized fleet performance reports
  • Deliver   Environmental Reporting     MRV, CCWG etc.


Weather  Routing 
  •  Optimum route    based on current and forecasted weather conditions.
  •      Latest technology used        for deciding most optimum voyage plan.
Did we tell you it does not require any installation or retrofitting onboard?
  • It is a secured web application, which can be accessed from any device
  • BOSS is trained on past voyage abstracts, further tuned by results of  Vessel Performance Test 
  • A very objective Initial Report is required to get BOSS started.
Loved BOSS?

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